Sunday, March 09, 2003

No Prisoners

(a poem of mine from yesterday)

images: right-- To Breathe by Lee Stadler
end-- Setting Sun by Hajime Takahashi

Flesh of my flesh, together we reign!
Blood of my blood, together we fall!
So back and forth we dance as one,
And bit by bit the story flows:
Higher, better, onward, upward,
Bonded solid for all time!

The balance we keep, the point we aim,
A bridge that molds perception.
Yet here and there, and everywhere,
Remains a flaw, behind and lost,
From both of us, with such a cost:
A piece unreconciled!

At this I turn to you; at that you turn to me:
A home we have, a love we give,
So take this part, this little part,
To make it shine, and give it life,
Or let it die, for both of us,
The greatest gift of all.

Flesh of my flesh, together we live!
Blood of my blood, together we die!
Let not our life hold back this one
That we have tried to grasp;
Let mercy reign and fall with us,
As we rest and die in peace!