Friday, January 16, 2004

(my first poem this year, written early this morning)

For Getting, For Giving

Every desire of the heart
Pumps the labors of lust
The paroxysms from laughter
The wails and screams of jealous rage

Fury courses through the veins
Nursing the guilty pleasures
The moans and groans of ecstasy
The allure of eerie awe

Awash in torrential reverie
As our common vital element
Our shared frail reality
Our immodest sense of liberty

Submitted for never getting
Until explosions from the memories
Lodge within so many others
Like the aftermath of suicide

...or the loss of a loved one

Too close for almost any comfort
As caution seeths a natural glow
A curious soft brilliance
An imbroglio safely temperate

Not for getting warm and snug
While the tender touches recede
Unveiling a cruel burden-
The betrayal of cozy confidence

Endeared to every subtle moment
Hoarded for many rescues
Rendered for more healings
Suffered by bitter experience

The urgency of pressing needs
Relax and massage the stoic ego
To coax the caustic helplessness
To surrender with much abandon

...or offer without care

Not for giving fragile succor,
Promising closure to raw devotion
To fond compromises
To blackmail from utter dependence

Greedy now for all connection
Grieved in fear and trembling,
Attached to every given tension
As if only to be near.