Wednesday, September 01, 2004

[a poem I wrote today, inspired by closing my eyes...]


...before the twilight of our dreams, before the dawn of sleep,
before the end of days so bright it stings behind our eyes
when shadows grow toward the light, when clouds eclipse the sun,
when blindness stuns us as we stare to glimpse a closer look
as though our answers came revealed, as though our questions fade,
as though the sparks that slowly dim could be a lucid glow;

while darkness drifts into our world, while time stirs almost still,
while moments for redemption become few and far away
although we turn to hide inside, although our focus shifts,
although the splendor we behold is easy to forget
where beams of night peer through the glare, where secrets are discerned,
where comfort thickens like a fog against another daze
until aware of nowhere else, until the rest is found,
until engaged in storms of calm without a clear escape;

since our reflections will not shine, since glory would deflect,
since just the specter rising up could make us disappear
while on the eve of harsh review, while at the crack of doom,
while mourning breaks the solemn contrast we adore so much
as though our search will be complete, as though the dusk has come,
as though a revolution has converted all to see
when new mirages come to pass, when shades of grey refract,
when optical illusions seems to strain our wary sight
before the tarnished beauty leaves, before this image holds,
before the bold discoveries that guide us to revere...

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