Wednesday, March 02, 2005

(a poem I wrote today, mainly inspired by warm thoughts about someone while walking home one night)


when trust becomes a tender age
between stages that belong,
there comes unstable ground
left behind like buried treasure
just to be safe

where doppelgangers of desire
can become fully conscious
after missing in actions
collected like exhibits
too attached to the walls

which prompt the realization
across the longing distance
to test the unavailability
like poltergeists that disrupt
out of jealousy

to honor and to cherish
unsure facts and fantasies
not yet discovered to be
fleeting afterimages the heart of the void.


  1. Lovely poetry. Very well done. The title is very e.e. cummings-esque.

  2. Wow - beautiful stuff Jadon!

  3. Hi Jadon,

    I like the poem.