Sunday, December 07, 2003

(a poem I wrote today)


Upset by doubts that scapegoat
Like an angry mob yearning
To torch my sins at the stake

...smouldering ruins
Left behind on an altar
Like a sacrifice nobody wants
After being burnt through and through

...just neglected,
Never quite welcome anywhere,
Like a fugitive forced to roam
As an easy life has gone

Vulnerable to any enemy
Like accidents have audiences
Relieved they're not the victim seductive,
Exposed to opportunities
Like charisma tends to grab
Until a stalker hits the target

Humbled without mercy,
Like a disaster giving up
A generous dose of crisis

All in the face of transition,
Like a hidden talent finds
Revealed within a hopeless cause

...dwelling here,
Faithful through a constant struggle
Like kisses of affection
Brings out the best in some

...returning again!