Thursday, March 08, 2007

Darn Floor - Big Bite by Da

1: You touch my hair and cheek sometimes
Feel in yourself this flesh and blood
My poor flesh and blood, my poor flesh and blood

I think I met an angel once
But I cannot really know for sure
Do I know you now? Do I know you now?

2: (Illuminate my muddled heart
Sweep the shadows from my mind)
So I might imagine what you are like
And understand the great design

Darn floor - big bite
You are earth, water and light
3: (Darn floor - big bite
Can I ever hope to get it right, can't get it right)

I believe I've had a vision or two
Could have been a dream
I guess it could have been a dream
Could have been a dream
I saw the wide world crack where you touched down
And bodies wash up on a mythical shore
Will you save me now? Will you save me now?
In not-quite earth, in not-quite heaven
I'll imitate love like lovers do
In not-quite art, in not-quite living
I'll pray that writing it down is part of loving you

4: (Darn floor - big bite
You are twilight, dark and bright
Darn floor - big bite
You are beautiful, terrible terrible sight!)
Repeat 1
Darn floor - big bite
You are love, fire and light
Repeat 3, 4
No I can't get it, no I can't get it right
Repeat 2

Words and Music by Terry Taylor, Tim Chandler, and Greg Flesch
©1987 Broken Songs (ASCAP)

Dig by Adam Again

I had big idea
I had a lazy eye
I broke the sacred seal
I told a lazy lie
I've had my conscience bent
I've had my patience tried
I've been up in the desert
And down by the riverside

Will the eagle try
If the sky's untrue?
Do the faithful sigh
Because they are so few?
Remember when I cried?
Remember when you knew?
Remember that look in your eyes?
I know I do

And count the stars to measure tme
The earth is hard, the treasure fine
To the sea I'll crawl on my knees

Feel it coming in
Feel it going out
Water covers sand
Blood covers doubt
So I begin again
Again, the healing bow
There was a time that I might have surrendered
But not now

Consult the cards to measure mine
The earth is hard, but the treasure fine
At the sea, I'll wait on my knees

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