Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lonely Leaders?

Mark Driscoll is a Seattle mega church leader in the US who started in 1996, now his church has around 2 thousand members and 40 thousand square feet of church space. He has gotten some attention for rudeness in an online debate at the Christianity Today Leadership blog (he apologized) then scurrilous remarks about women and ministers wife’s when the Ted Haggard scandal came to light. He said he didn’t mean what people heard....

His seminars pack in pastors willing to pay a lot of money to learn how to succeed with their church growth. Driscoll has written a couple of books, says he is a charismatic Calvinist, and along with his myriad responsibilities is attempting a masters degree. He is not ordained. Mars Hill in none denominational.

While there is a sprinkling of biblical truth in his speech..., and while I personally have no emotional attachment to where he chooses to tape it, I don’t see his video symbolism making sense to the speech subject.
The video is called Good Soldiers.

His ideas on church planting are like a CEO expounding a US business/ expansion/culture war model, but thousands of pastors and seminary students fans would disagree and correct me....

What is foreign to you as a minster, church attendee or follower of Jesus Christ in this video?
What are you hearing overtly or covertly?
What do you agree and disagree with?
Is Driscoll correct that this how/what church planters and pastors are called to be?
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