Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Being Warm in the Cold

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Salvation Army Community Centre: It's cold outside

How we handle the extreme cold at the Centre
[via Weblog: News from the Salvation Army Community Centre, HT: Jordon Cooper]

Since we are now thigh deep in the giving season, I feel it is pertinent to share my complete and total disgust with the fact that shoppers trampled a man to death on Black Friday. If you're not familiar with the story, and don't mind having your faith in humanity tested, read more here. A few onlookers even stopped shopping long enough to make jokes about how overweight the person was that they had just killed in their haste to save five bucks on a panini maker....

In order to maintain my giving spirit in the face of such a dreadful story, I've decided to give you five good reasons to do your shopping at your local Deseret Industries, Salvation Army or other community thrift store: {full post}
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