Monday, July 21, 2003

Losing My Voice

poem: off-tune by Jadon Slade Androsoff (today)

lost my voice while singing this song
composed of silence and song:
for slowly it's snuffed into dead air
when my breath was taken away,
as now extinct, where once had been
momentum for this melody,
and here these signs, though left behind
do not confess too much at all,
except to note these unplayed chords
which were not faithful to this tune;
yet only gusts from refrains past--
before they blew out harmony--
could even strike intended tones
that passion pulled upon the strings
to orchestrate this choir of words
beyond unheard lone witnesses;
but every measure has not been found
amongst these scraps of scripture
without a means to be fulfilled
throughout the nuance and noise;
so echoes faintly resonate
within discordant quiet,
because these deafened characters
forget the inspiration,
as all these symbols just ring hollow
with distant modulations.

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