Friday, April 25, 2003

(a poem by me, today)

Sight Unseen

Slam shut the open window of my soul!
This fog obscene just clouds my eyes;
Lost in this mist, my travels stop here,
For confusion obscures my view.

These toxins of yours bleed into my air,
It chokes and crowds my oxygen out;
Surrounding me, my world becomes less,
This poison of yours infects me.

Your plague spreads deep through my flesh and my blood,
It taints and condemns my universe;
For it never stops, and never ends,
My time shortened by your disease.

While little or nothing flows from your realm,
My life is crippled and drowned in pain'
Please be my guide, you know this wound best,
And cleanse my affliction you've made.

Yet try as you might, it's never enough
To cure all my pain and suffering;
No insight seems good to halt it now,
While my efforts are meaningless.

So searching for where your weakness appears,
It stings and it burns my eyes so much;
The cure is blurred and beyond my grasp,
With no end in sight it remains!