Tuesday, September 28, 2004


If purification by self-denial has set you free, then you are NOT free indeed. If avoidance of real life has set you free, then you are NOT free indeed. The radicals in Iraq want to be free of all the guilt of the infidels, of which the US is the chief sinner. Yet, in their struggle for such freedom they impose slavery upon so many people who do not hold to their beliefs. When an outside institution or set of rules seeks to define your freedom you are never free. But when freedom is the chief end, then you have a chance to be free. Free to make mistakes. Free to learn from your mistakes. Free to see the uselessness of so many things you thought were so important, but were only vain glory. We must be set free to see what really matters. As long as we are kept from those things we see as so important thay will always become idols. We must be free to embrace them...
-- from Praying Mantis, Monday Sept. 27/04

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