Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Long and Short

The reason why some people no longer appear to be in that angsty/unsure/anxious state is not because they have discovered the ultimate position and destination in their life -- it's just that they have given up trying.

That sounds like such a simple statement, but I really think there's some truth to it. Our world today is so wrapped up in having "the answers" that we're often afraid to stay in the asking questions mode. I mean, haven't you wished to have the formula or solution to all problems in your life?

Which brings me back to where I am, now. So much ahead of me is uncertain. I've got all sorts of questions about my destiny, along with many fears. But instead of lamenting the fact that I have all these questions, I want to embrace them and see where they lead me. Life isn't a multiple choice exam, it's one full of long and short answers. {from this post by grrrl meets world}

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