Monday, September 27, 2004

A Remnant?

[comic noted by The Eagle and Child]

I still believe there is a seed or remnant of faith still inside me somewhere. Yet there is a lot of religion and false belief that I wish to forever discard. How do I distinguish between the two? There's so much about church that I despise and find ridiculous and useless and distracting from Jesus' true message. Maybe I want to see something genuine actually happen. But maybe I'm still so jaded and cynical that I'd be blind to it anyway. [from this post at ~scottyd~]

Listen to the fearful warnings of one Presbyterian pastor in Portland, Oregon, who has obviously embraced this conspiratorial fiction: ?Western European socialists and their American supporters want to dominate the world as much as militant Muslims want Islam to. Their vehicles are the United Nations, the European Union, and international institutions such as the International Court.?

This kind of fear mongering has not only been remarkably effective at galvanizing evangelicals around a very conservative political agenda but it also makes an evangelical voting for a Democratic candidate an unthinkable possibility as we approach the 2004 election.

So how should Christians who do not subscribe to either this very conspiratorial view of what has gone wrong or a very politically conservative advocacy seek to have a Christian influence in the complex world in which we live? [from this article at TheOoze]

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