Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Disposable Justice?

Some conservative evangelicals want to believe that homosexual marriage is destroying our culture and values, but I would submit that we heteros have done that a long time ago with our disposable consumeristic lifestyles. Think about it, (and this is not meant to offend those who have been divorced for good reason), where there is a throw away society it's going to affect our relationships. Canada, as much as I love her, she has afforded us the opportunity to have disposable incomes, disposable clothes, food and shelter all at convenience. But at the same time this convenience has made it possible for disposable marriages (If this one is not gratifying my needs, I will go buy another or just throw this one away).
--from this post at Jayson.ca

When I went to bible college I encountered many warm friendly and peaceful people. Unfortunately a startlingly large amount of these people were, for lack of a better term homophobic. The thought of being around gay people repulsed a lot of people and they would fly in to rants about the desire to curb stomp any gay person they were alone with.. What I observed is nothing less than hatred from otherwise pretty good people.

Gay people are still hated in society. I understand their desire to be found equal under the law. I also understand the need for gay people to be protected from discrimination. The church is part of this, and doesn't really care because of a handful of passages in the bible. As I read scripture I see God having a great deal of concerned for the suffering, the poor and the oppressed. I believe that in our society God has great compassion for every gay person who has been abused or discriminated against.
--from this post at The Heresy

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