Tuesday, October 26, 2004

We all have ideological leanings, based on our backgrounds, enviroment, education, and experiences but does that worldview have to define how we see the world. Afred P. Sloan used to say, "The facts made the decision for me". Sometimes I wonder if instead of facts, our dislike or fear of the people presenting the idea clouds our ideas....

Listening to the other side, not with the idea of debate but for the purpose of learning. If any group of people who should be bi-partisan and be able to listen to people of all worldview and not be threatened, it should be us but at the end of the day, it is us who have become some of the most partisan of supporters.
--from this post at Jordon Cooper
It would be really helpful to a great many of us if in belonging to the so-called “institutional” church (read, “existing congregations”) we didn’t feel backed into ‘dead-end alleys;’ if we didn’t feel voiceless and powerless to be agents for genuine change, renewal, and reform. It would be wonderful if we didn’t feel that the way forward being presented for our ‘approval’ was a riskless, unimaginative, dull, pre-determined one-way street. It would be refreshing if the limited range of experiences around belonging didn’t leave us numbly and exhaustedly believing we had no option but to leave, still not having found what we’ve been looking for and hoping for. Many of us are younger, but we are not the church of the future, we are the church of the present just as you are.

We don’t want to expend all of our energy and creativity on in-fighting that is ultimately pointless, fruitless, and a hindrance to the work of Spirit and gospel in the world.
--from this post at Prodigal Kiwi Blog

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