Friday, November 05, 2004

Bush may heal nation with anointing

Hinn Supporters Nervous

With the victory his and the battle the Lord's, President Bush has a bold agenda ahead. This may include healing the nation, if his acceptance speech is to be believed.

Despite being a tall order, some believe it's possible.

"What Bush needs is a strong, fresh anointing like Benny Hinn's," one advisor said, on condition of anonymity. "The moral majority may have made President Bush into the major Christian celebrity, but some Americans still do not lift the garment of praise. An anointing would give him the power to restore the division in this country as well as get donations without raising taxes."

Some Hinn supporters are concerned, however.

"Although Pastor Benny welcomes others receiving from the Lord, sharing or even losing Benny's anointing may have bad consequences for the world," Jane Smith, a Hinn supporter, argues. "I mean, think of his crusades. Would they be as effective if he had to share or lose the anointing?"

Yet some are not convinced it could even happen.

"There is only one special anointing," Dan Smallwood, another Hinn fan, suggests. "I don't think President Bush could even aquire even a small touch, although having Benny Hinn in a high position may help." Some argued that the anointing only works in a church-like setting. "Unless President Bush makes the government into a church, I don't know if it would be possible, " another fan mentioned.

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