Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Post-Election Analysis, V

[Thanks Wendy Cooper for the reference!]

I received yet another overwrought e-mail today from a distraught, Bush-hating individual, bemoaning how the American people have screwed up THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIME and how now we are going to invade the world and beat up gay people in the street. I understand the need to vent and maybe have a good stiff drink. I’m hoping that everyone has that out of their system now, so we can talk about what to do next.

First, let’s try some deep cleansing breaths. In with the good, out with the bad, in with the good, out with the bad…..

All-righty then – time for Christy’s Plan for America. Well, it’s not so much a plan as it is questions for discussion. The first thing we need to do is face forward and have a vision for this country that is more than just reacting against the Bush administration. It would help if everybody stopped talking about how stupid and brainwashed half the country is since they voted for warmongering and intolerance and slapping around poor children. Truth is, the Dems did a lousy job of presenting an alternative vision for our engagement with the world, and a lot of people (most of whom were NOT members of the religious right) voted for the guy who talked about the big picture....

Either we’re all just headed straight for hell or we need to find a way to have some civil conversation. If we don’t figure out how to build some bridges, people, it’s going to be a long four years. {full post}

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