Friday, November 12, 2004

Post-Election Analysis, VII

[via The Evangelical Outpost]

No doubt the Republican Party would prefer to treat white evangelical voters the way the Democrats treat Christians in the black community. Every four years the Democrats show up at their churches, quote a few scriptures and make a handful of empty promises. Then when they gain power they work to undermine the very values that these church goers hold dear. The Democrats are so convinced that the black community will not support the Republicans that they know they don’t have to take their concerns seriously. The Republicans, unfortunately, make the same assumption about the evangelical community.

Many evangelicals, however, are unwilling to be so easily dismissed. If our values are ignored by both the Democrats and the Republicans then we will either choose not to vote or cast our ballot based on other concerns. While we are united in opposition to abortion the same can’t be said for other issues, such as fighting poverty, tax policy, and universal health care. With such slim electoral margins, the Democrats don’t have to change their positions on “moral values.” All they need to do is wait for the Republicans to marginalize a large portion of their base.
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