Friday, November 05, 2004

The Democrats -- particularly white, university-educated elites -- have still not learned that thinking you're smarter than everyone else is a poor substitute for not understanding the life experience of those who aren't like you.

And it is proof yet again that when you pit those who feel they are intellectually superior against those who believe they are morally superior, the moral ones will win because they will fight harder for their convictions.

Democrats may also learn a thing or two about hatred and division. On the hate front, when you truly despise and disrespect your political opponent, you will underestimate his skills, miss nuances, swing too hard and you will pay dearly.
--from Democrats failed on many fronts by John Gormley in today's Star Phoenix


  1. HOW infuriating! I'm posting this, thanks Jadon.

  2. You're welcome Becky. I still think he makes a good point here, regretably.