Wednesday, November 10, 2004

If you're never offended, you're never challenged.

If you're always offended, you'll never learn.


  1. the truth has been spoken. part of growth, is getting your feelings hurt and realizing that someone else's point of view isn't compatible with yours. then you're faced with whether or not you'll actually take on that point of view for yourself, or if you will use not doing so, to strengthen the viewpoints that you already have.

    and if you're always offended, then you don't want to come to the realization that you do not know much of anything, and that everything you thought you knew, it was just a comfortable position for you to hide behind and use as an excuse for why you don't do anything with yourself.

  2. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Sorry, this doesn't have anything to do with this particular post, but are you aware that your blog doesn't work on Mozilla Firefox? I don't have a problem with any other Blogger blogs. What's the deal?

    For a while I thought that maybe you were into some kind of minimalist, quasi-illegible design, since it was text only. I now realize that I have to read your blog in IE to actually see the design...

    Anyway, check it out.

    A Concerned Reader

  3. Hmmm...I don't know what could be causing it. (I'm not much of a computer geek.) Hopefully it will just clear up on it's own. If not, I'll ask the troubleshooting people (or someone who knows something) and see what's happening.

    Sorry again...and hope future experiences with this blog will be more pleasurable.