Monday, November 15, 2004

Trust and Truth...

We need to stop relying on fear, manipulation and coercion to control people. We need to repent of our selfish ambition and our aim to use church as a vehicle to boost our status, prestige, or wealth. We need to align ourselves according to the simple principles of truth, justice, integrity, mercy, compassion, love, self-sacrifice and faith.

Sometime ago I listened to a Christian leader talk about how a certain day was a dark day in the history of our province. I didn't realize what he was talking about until he finally mentioned the ruling allowing for same sex marriage. I'm amazed at how upset people get over something like this, but are largely silent on disenfranchisement of aboriginal peoples, or the impact of divorce and single parent families on society. We like to get excited when the government has "abandoned God's word" but we are quiet about putting ourselves under the knife of some very simple, commonly understood principles....

How would we accomplish what we are called to accomplish if people keep jumping ship as soon as they encounter something they don't like? However it is very rare that people who refuse to change or submit hear this as long as they keep filling up the building and donating money. {full post}
Ironically I saw the above after I saw this from Liveprayer's Daily Devotional [November 15, 2004]:

The fact is, those who reject God's Word have always contended the Bible was
"hate speech" since it condemned them of their sins. They have tried to
intimidate people into being silent by calling those who dare to call their
sin what it is, judgmental, intolerant, unloving, and full of hate. Sadly,
their bullying tactics have worked. Rather than stand for the truth of
God's Word despite the lies of those who oppose it, most Christians choose
to simply remain silent. It reminds me of Saul of Tarsus who said nothing
as he stood by, holding the cloaks of those who were stoning Stephen to
death for daring to speak the truth of God's Word.

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