Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Something often forged in futility and destroyed in complacency

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  1. Thank you for pointing that out. The obscurement of that specific fact, straightforward as it is, is the method by which erroneous dogma can be systematically entrenched. We can avoid being submerged in confusion if we have simple truths like these... not really so simple. Tools against the inevitable attempt of cleverness and cunning to overwhelm intelligence and replace it (so as to reinforce personal agendas that may be negative). It's a major thing that sort of releases the mind. Without that kind of truth being spoken out loud or written in a forum like this, futility can be used by the unscrupulous (often very clever people) to excuse anything from eugenics to blatant immorality. Complacency, a topic worth commenting on. Anyone who thinks the meaning of that word is obvious is not paying attention.

    Marshall McLuhan said 'nothing is inevitable, as long as you're willing to pay attention'